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Current Student Organizations

Re-Recognition for the 2023-2024 academic year has concluded. Organizations that failed to submit, complete, or modify recognition requirements on EngageSC  are now inactive. More information about the application process for Fall 2024 will be available July 1. Please contact if you have any questions or concerns.

University recognition is required on annual basis to maintain the status of a university Recognized Student Organization (RSO)


Current RSOs can see the list of privileges here 


Community Expectations and polices regarding RSOs can be found here


RSO officers as listed on engageSC are notified via email and EngageSC of the filling period for re-recognition each Fall semester

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RSO Privileges & Responsibilities

Recognized student organizations are offered privileges, provided the organizations accept certain responsibilities. All student organizations must complete USC’s Campus Activities recognition process in order to be an officially Recognized Student Organization (RSO).

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Student Organization Resources

Learn more about USC Risk Management, Space Requests, Field Trip and Event Guidelines and Waivers, Funding and more!

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Learn more about EngageSC

Helpful tips on how to access important information on Engage SC.

Before registration

Needed prior to filling out the EngageSC registration form:

Additional information may be required for some RSOs that work with Youth, work in a Healthcare environment, travel abroad, or own property.

  1. Constitution 
  2. Roster of minimum 10 enrolled USC students
  3. Faculty or Staff Advisor
    • Must be a full-time employed faculty or staff member
    • Must be found on the USC directory 
  4. Please review the Student Handbook policies for RSOs.

Hazing Module:

    1. Five (5) members in your organization have completed the Hazing Prevention Module. You’ll upload the certificate during recognition! 
    2. Recertification of the hazing prevention module must be completed every year.
Officer Specific Trainings
  1.  Each of the five officers are assigned unique training for their position on the platform Rise
  2. Rise training certificates are renewed each year and uploaded by each officer to confirm their acceptance of their assigned position on engagesC