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See PDF: RSO Resource Guide

USC Risk Management

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The Risk Management and Insurance Department protects the physical, financial, human, and reputational assets of the university. They focus on understanding and managing risks associated with these assets. In addition, university risk is transferred through the purchase of insurance and the management of self-insurance programs.

Their experienced staff can help you identify and manage financial and safety risks that may result in costly litigation, contract disputes, and other claims against the university or departments.

Space Requests

Recognized Student Organizations in good standing can request to book space on campus. This includes space in the Ronald Tutor Campus Center, outdoor venues, or classrooms so long as the space is available. Please be sure to adhere to the policies regarding social events as outlined in SCampus. For more information or to submit a request form to book a space, please contact or submit an online reservation request for a room at TCC Meeting Rooms Reservation Form.

USC Field Trip and Event Guidelines and Waivers

For student organizations planning trips off campus, either locally or long distance, please see the link below for a list of possible waivers and guide-lines for student travel. For more information regarding policies, regulations, and guidelines regarding student-led travel, please explore Section G3 of SCampus. To download, click here: Field Trip Guidelines.

USC Credit Union

Recognized Student Organizations in good standing can open a USC Credit Union bank account for their organization. Information on how to open an account and be wound in the forms below:

New Account Package

Change Authorized Signers

Financial Forms

Recognized Student Organizations that currently have a sub-ledger in the Campus Activities student organization university account can access their funds using the forms attached below. Please be advised that funds in a university account are subject to university financial policies and procedures. To submit completed forms or for general questions please contact a Peer Leadership Team member at

Student Organization Expense Request Form

This form must be attached to all requests to access funds in your organization’s sub-ledger. Please complete the form as thoroughly as possible to ensure your request is processed in a timely manner. Be sure to attach itemized receipts for reimbursements. For Purchase Orders or Internal Requisitions, invoices must be attached.

Non-Travel Expense Request Form

This form must accompany any requests for reimbursement for non-travel related expenses. Please see the form for examples of expenses and instructions on what can and cannot be reimbursed.

Travel Expense Request Form

This form must accompany any requests for reimbursement for travel related expenses. Please see the form for examples of expenses and instructions on what can and cannot be reimbursed.

Tailgating Registration

Anyone with any sized tailgate can apply for a Tailgate Permit and reserve a tailgate space. Reservations must be submitted three weeks before the game requested. While reserved spaces are optional, tailgate permits are REQUIRED for groups with one or more of the following:

50 people or more
Common source container(s) of alcohol/keg(s)
Electrical needs (does not include personal generators)
A tent larger than 10’x20’
More than (3) 10’x10’ tents
For questions regarding your tailgate permit, please contact USC Office of Cultural Relations and University Events at (213) 740-6775 or email

DPS Party Notification Form

In partnership with USC Student Affairs and DPS, the DPS Party Notification Form party notification form has been developed for all recognized student organizations and is an opportunity to notify DPS about your upcoming party.

The success of the DPS Party Notification Form relies upon the continued cooperation of students, faculty, staff, advisors, and alumni to understand the spirit of personal responsibility with regards to hosting an off-campus party.

As a reminder, use of the form does relieve any individual of their responsibilities toward those who attend your event or towards your neighbors.

For more information and resources, please check the Responsible Hosting website:

USC Office of Equity and Inclusion

Report instances of bias using the Bias Report Form

USC Trojans Care for Trojans (TC4T)

Trojans Care for Trojans (TC4T)