Alternative Breaks


The Alternative Breaks (AB) program cultivates a unique opportunity for students and staff/faculty advisors to engage in service learning and volunteerism in communities outside of the Los Angeles area. Trips such as these help participants make tangible connections between what they learn in the classroom and what they will encounter once they have jobs and experiences outside the university. In addition, these trips allow USC  to create valuable, long-lasting relationships in the communities in which we work.

The Volunteer Center’s Alternative Break programs delve into some of the most pressing issues facing our generation today. Each year, the trips we offer will change based on our partner’s availability, student interest, community need, budget, and other factors.


AB focus topics may include:
Children’s Issues
Cultural Erosion in Native Populations
Environmental Conservation
Healthcare Accessibility and Reform
Homeless and Poverty
Disaster Relief Efforts
Impacts of Eco-tourism
Justice System Reform and At-Risk-Youth
Women’s Empowerment
Youth & Education

Learn more about the current trips for this academic year and apply in October: