Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I start volunteering? The Volunteer Center currently matches student volunteers with local non-profit organizations through our Friends and Neighbors Day events, which occur once a month. For opportunities outside of Friends & Neighbors Day students can:
  2. How can I volunteer at the Volunteer Center or at other offices on campus? Students interested in volunteering as Team Leaders for Friends and Neighbors Day service projects can contact the Volunteer Center at ServeOn@usc.edu. In the fall, applications for our Friends & Neighbors Day Leadership Council are released for students that want to commit to a larger role in shaping the FND experience at USC. If you are interested in volunteering at a specific department on campus, please contact them directly.
  3. Can my entire student organization sign up to participate in Friends and Neighbors Day? The Volunteer Center can accommodate student groups with 7 days advanced notification. Email ServeOn@usc.edu  with your group name, # of members volunteering, and top 3 projects in order of preference. Your group will be added to the FND registration form so your members will be able to sign up to volunteer as a group. Volunteering engages students in connecting with the community but it’s also an opportunity to serve alongside a fellow Trojan that you may not have met through classes or other peer settings. Consider that agencies do have limitations on the number of opportunities available for volunteers, so group registration is first come, first serve.
  4. I want to volunteer, but I am really busy. What can I do? Participate in Friends and Neighbors Day! It’s just one Saturday per month. There are also a number of one-time and short term projects offered by local non profits throughout the year. Be sure to subscribe to the Volunteer Center Newsletter for local events and the Campus Activities Engagement Newsletter for on campus activities and  opportunities.
  5. I don’t have a car. Can I still volunteer in the community? Yes! Many nonprofits are within walking distance of USC. We can also help you coordinate use of public transportation. Transportation on Friends & Neighbors Day is arranged and paid for by USC, via metro, bus, or carpool. Carpool drivers are reimbursed mileage expenses.
  6. Are there international service opportunities? The Volunteer Center offers international Alternative Spring Break and Alternative Winter Break trips.
  7. Can the Volunteer Center help our organization advertise a community service project? Depending on the nature of your project, the Volunteer Center may be able to advertise via the Volunteer Newsletter. Send a 50-word blurb to the Volunteer Center at ServeOn@usc.edu. For profit or non-volunteer requests will not be considered.
  8. Where do I meet for a Friends and Neighbors Service Day (FND)? The location may change throughout the year. Check our Friends & Neighbors Day Webpage or our Facebook for the meeting location. If you register for FND you will also receive a detailed confirmation email 3-5 days before FND that includes that information.
  9. Will there be food at Friends and Neighbors Day? Yes, continental breakfast, lunch, and light refreshments are provided.
  10. How can I volunteer at the Keck Hospital? If you would like to volunteer with the Keck Hospital, please contact their volunteer services office directly at: (323) 442-8919.

Please contact us at ServeOn@usc.edu and/or check back often to see what projects are happening.