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Join FND Leadership Council

The Volunteer Center is looking for engaging, passionate leaders to join our Friends & Neighbors Day Leadership Council and Volunteer Center Internship Program! Getting more involved in Friends and Neighbors Day through these two great leadership opportunities is a wonderful way to connect to our local community, develop your leadership skills, and gain valuable service experience!

The deadline to apply is October 23, 2022. Interviews will be held October 25th through November 4th.

Leadership Council

Leadership Council members are volunteers selected to be Team Leaders for Friends & Neighbors Day service projects, and play a big role in improving FND as a whole. The Leadership Council also gives you valuable experience and leadership training for future positions with the Volunteer Center or other organizations. Being on the Leadership Council gives you the opportunity to shape the way FND is run and support the local community alongside USC students, faculty and alumni.

  1. Serve as a Team Leader on at least 4 Friends & Neighbors Days
  2. Attend leadership development trainings once or twice a semester to prepare you for FND and other leadership positions
  3. Provide feedback after each FND to enhance the overall experience of the participants and local nonprofits
  1. Become eligible to be nominated for a Service Award if you fulfill your Leadership Council responsibilities
  2. Opportunity to participate in leadership training programs
  3. After leading 3+ FND’s in one year you earn a Leadership Council Zip Up Jacket (while supplies in your size last). 

The Friends and Neighbors Day is hosted 1 Saturday per month.
The Schedule is generally as follows but exact dates vary:

  • Mid-Late August
  • Mid September
  • Mid October
  • Mid November
  • Mid-Late January
  • Mid February
  • Mid March
  • Mid April

Prior Friends and Neighbors Day experience is a plus, however, not required to apply. 

Important Dates:
The deadline to apply to become a Team Leader in Spring is October 23rd.
Interviews will held the week of October 25th through November 4th. 

The application will close on October 24th and will reopen in late April unless spots open up. You may apply between April and August to be a team leader in the Fall Semester. For any questions, email us at