Current Student Organizations

Re-Recognition for existing organizations for 21-22 academic year is closed. Organizations that failed to submit/complete the registration forms on EngageSC status is now Inactive.
Please contact if you have any questions/concerns.

Needed prior to filling out the EngageSC registration form: 

  • Constitution 
  • Roster of minimum 10 enrolled USC students
  • Faculty or Staff Advisor 
    • Must be a full-time employed faculty or staff member
    • Must be found on the USC directory 
  • Hazing Module: 
    • Five (5) members in your organization have completed the Hazing Prevention Module (in the last two years, starting 9/3/2020). 
    • Recertification of the hazing prevention module must be completed every two (2) years, so if all five members completed the module during last year’s re-recognition process, you will just submit the member names. 
    • If those members have left the organization new members must be identified to complete the module. 
  • Please review SCampus policies for RSOs
  • Additional information may be required for some RSOs that work with Youth and in a Healthcare environment. 

How to find EngageSC Re-Registration form: 

  1. Log into EngageSC 
  2. Click Organizations
  3. Click Register an Organization (left side of the page)
  4. Find your RSO
  5. Select Blue Button (Registration) next to your RSOs name 
  6. Complete Forms 

*If you do not have access to your RSO’s EngageSC account for some reason please complete the following:

  • First request to join the organization on EngageSC
  • Once requested email
    • Name of RSO (no abbreviations please)
    • Primary Contact Name 

University recognition is required on annual basis to maintain the status of a university Recognized Student Organization (RSO)

  • Current RSOs can see the list of privileges here 
  • SCampus polices regarding RSOs can be found here
  • RSOs will be notified via engageSC the filling period for the 2019-2020
  • Click here to learn more about engageSC