Ordinance on Loud Unruly Gatherings (aka Party House Ordinance)

The ordinance on loud or unruly gatherings, also known as the ‘Party House Ordinance,’ officially took effect April 15th, 2018. The ordinance aims to curb repeat offenders of out-of-control parties in residential neighborhoods with escalating fines and new enforcement tools for the Los Angeles Police Department.

The ordinance includes increasing fines up to $8,000 and requires those who violate the ordinance to post a public notice for 30 days notifying neighbors of their unlawful conduct. It penalizes both party hosts and homeowners, which is meant to dissuade property owners from renting out their homes to professional party-throwers and reduce the likelihood of future violations, which reduces the burden on law enforcement to repeatedly break up parties.

The fines are:

  • $100 for the first violation;
  • $500 for the second violation;
  • $1,000 for the third violation;
  • $2,000 for the fourth violation;
  • $4,000 for the fifth violation;
  • And $8,000 for the sixth and subsequent violation

The ordinance is in the Los Angeles Municipal Code under Chapter IV, Article 1, Section 41.58.1. Read the final ordinance here.