New Student Organizations

New Student Organizations Recognition for the 2019-2020 Academic Year

Applications are due on Sunday, November 3rd at 11:59 pm. Campus Activities will begin to review applications November 4th. 

In order to be recognized by the University, student organizations need to follow a few preliminary steps:

  1. Review this list of current student organizations and ensure that your proposed organization’s purpose does not overlap with that of a pre-existing organization.
  2. Find 10 other students interested in joining your club.
  3. Select a faculty or staff member at USC who could serve as your organization’s advisor.
  4. Come up with a unique name that reflects your organization’s purpose and does NOT start with USC. For example, “USC Spirit Club” is not allowed, but “SC Spirit” and “Spirit Club at USC” are both fine.
  5. Complete and Submit this form by November 3rd.


Campus Activities will place all RSO’s into four main offices of oversight:

  1. Office of Religious Life (ORL) –  Religious organizations seeking recognition must complete the guidelines outlined on the Office of Religious Life website prior to receiving university recognition.
  2. USC Recreational Sports/Recreation Club Council (RCC) –  Club sports seeking RCC recognition must adhere to the guidelines established by USC Recreational Sports.
  3. Office of Fraternity and Sorority Leadership Development (FSLD) –  Moving forward, fraternities and sororities will be recognized as those organizations that:
    1. Allow single gender status for fraternities and sororities as protected under Title IX;
    2. Ensure the presence of an inter/national organization for which the collegiate organization (local chapter) is legally recognized and insured;
    3. Are governed under national branches and local structures of Panhellenic Council, Inter-fraternity Council, Multicultural Greek Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council, and Asian Greek Council; and
    4. Can provide incorporation status – federal or state – at the national or local level.
  4. Campus Activities RSO– Student organizations provide opportunities for students and other members of the university community to explore their academic, professional, political, social, recreational, artistic, cultural, spiritual or community service interests. In addition, student organizations provide a laboratory for the development of interpersonal, organizational and leadership skills in the members and officers. Such organizations exist to promote the educational mission of the university.

View the official memo detailing these changes here: Campus Activities-FSLD-MEMO