Leadership Opportunities

FND staff with Leadership Council members in 2016.

Friends and Neighbors Day

The Volunteer Center is looking for engaging, passionate leaders to join our Friends & Neighbors Day Leadership Council and Volunteer Center Internship Program! Getting more involved in Friends and Neighbors Day through these two great leadership opportunities is a wonderful way to connect to our local community, develop your leadership skills, and gain valuable service experience!

Leadership Council

Leadership Council members are volunteers selected to be Team Leaders for Friends & Neighbors Day service projects, and play a big role in improving FND as a whole. The Leadership Council also gives you valuable experience and leadership training for future positions with the Volunteer Center or other organizations. Being on the Leadership Council gives you the opportunity to shape the way FND is run and support the local community alongside USC students, faculty and alumni.

Responsibilities and Requirements:

  • Serve as a Team Leader on at least 4 Friends & Neighbors Days
  • Attend leadership development trainings once or twice a semester to prepare you for FND and other leadership positions
  • Provide feedback after each FND to enhance the overall experience of the participants and local nonprofits

Additional Benefits:

  • Become eligible to be nominated for a Service Award if you fulfill your Leadership Council responsibilities
  • Opportunity to participate in leadership training programs

The Friends and Neighbors Day Schedule for fall 2020 is as follows:

  • August FND Week
    • Saturday, August 15
    • Tuesday, August 18
    • Wednesday, August 19
  • September FND Week
    • Saturday, September 12
    • Tuesday, September 15
    • Wednesday, September 16
  • October FND Week
    • Saturday, October 17
    • Tuesday, October 20
    • Wednesday, October 21
  • November FND Week
    • Saturday, November 7
    • Wednesday, November 11

Prior Friends and Neighbors Day experience is a plus, however, not required to apply. To apply, click here or copy and paste this link into your browser:  https://usccampusactivities.wufoo.com/forms/q1t2fa3o1aevkvf/

The application closes on Wednesday, September 30th at 11:59pm. For any questions, email us at ServeOn@usc.edu

Volunteer Center Internship Program (currently closed)

Volunteer Center Interns are volunteers selected based on their unique skills and experience to enhance the operations of Volunteer Center by completing specific tasks and projects based on their individual positions. While the Leadership Council focuses solely on FND, Volunteer Center Interns are heavily involved in developing and growing both the FND and Alternative Break programs. Interns will also participate in an in-depth leadership course and emerge as stronger leaders. The Volunteer Center Internship Program consists of the following positions:

  • External Relations Intern
    • Develops new relationships with organizations outside of USC for a variety including volunteer projects, funding, and sponsorships.  
  • Internal Relations Intern
    • Fosters relationships and develops opportunities for collaboration with USC student organizations and departments.
  • Graphics Intern
    • Produces material (logos, designs etc.) for the Volunteer Center’s various communication channels to effectively promote service events.
  • Content Creator
    • Creates and produces content for us, including photographs and videos, and helps modernize the look of our website.
  • Marketing/Influencer Intern
    • Develops marketing strategies for our programs, brand identity, and monitors engagement on social media channels.
  • Special Events Intern
    • Collaborates with VC partners on co-sponsored community service events outside of FND (such as MLK Day of Service, Greek Life, USG/GSG) with the guidance and support from VC staff.

Responsibilities and Requirements:

  • Have experience working with whichever position you apply for.
  • Attend bi-weekly meetings to fulfill your assigned projects and collaborate with the other Fellows.

Additional Benefits:

  • Become eligible to be nominated for a Service Award if you fulfill your Intern responsibilities
  • Opportunity to participate in the Leadership Training Program