L.E.A.D. Immersion

Leadership, Education, and Development

This opportunity allows students to plan and lead their own Friends and Neighbors Day community service trip in Los Angeles. Through participation, students will gain personal insight to their leadership abilities and identify areas of development, sharpen current leadership skills and gain a greater understanding of social inequities in the surrounding area.

This process begins by attending one Friends and Neighbor Day service trip. Students may then submit a proposal that identifies the need of a community partner, which leads to attending one training workshop.  Students must attend and lead their service trip and submit a short reflection of their experience.

L.E.A.D. Immersion Completion Requirements

  • Attend at least one Friends and Neighbors Day
  • Submit project proposal
  • Attend one Friends and Neighbors Day Lead Training
  • Execute Project in the spring semester (proposal must be approved)
  • Submit 2-page reflection after trip

Benefits of Completion:

  1. Individualized leadership training and mentoring
  2. Gain practical and applicable knowledge that can lead to success and productivity on the job, internship, student organization, or in the community
  3. Develop an understanding of self, groups, and community
  4. Involvement experience for your résumé and portfolio

How to apply:

All students are encouraged to participate in L.E.A.D. Immersion.  Applications are accepted on a rolling basis – there are no deadlines to apply.

Submit a Friends & Neighbors Day Proposal

For more information, e-mail: usclead@usc.edu