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During this challenging time, it is especially important that you take extra care of your health and mental well-being.

USC Student Health

Mindful USC

Office of Religious and Spiritual Life 

  • Enhance your spiritual well-being with online activities, yoga and meditation practice, and numerous self-care resources.

Ask Ari

  • Have a question about self-care or well-being? This USC intelligent agent engages in a dialogue with you about well-being issues, gives you online educational resources, and can offer self-care strategies for you to try right now.

Trojans 360

This USC student-run blog features a number of posts on how students can navigate life in this new normal. Recent posts include:

Lifestyle Redesign Services for Students

  • The USC Occupational Therapy Faculty Practice is providing Lifestyle Redesign interventions for USC students in the state of California via telehealth. In working with an occupational therapist in Lifestyle Redesign, students have the opportunity to address their physical and mental health needs in a supportive environment. Our occupational therapists engage students in goal setting, problem solving and self-analysis so they can create habits, routines and an overall lifestyle that is customized to their personal needs and preferences.
  • Additionally, for students with Aetna Student Health Insurance these services are covered with no-copay through June 4th!  If you are experiencing challenges in managing your physical health, mental health and/or role as a student due to the lifestyle disruptions resulting from COVID-19, please call us at 323-442-3340 or email
  • Additional information can be found in this PDF: All Students – Lifestyle Redesign(R) for Staying In, Flyer