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2019 Puerto Rico Trip “Recovering from the Storms”

hurricane aftermath
Puerto Rico

Trip Theme: “AWB Puerto Rico: Recovering from the Storms”
Deadline: September 26, 2019 @ 11:59 pm 
Trip Dates: December 18 – December 29, 2019
Trip Size: Team of 10


We will not ask Professors to excuse any students from their classes, exams, or assignments. We recommend that you make sure that your Fall classes do not have any such commitments on Wednesday, December 18th in the evening.

September 20, 2017: a day that forever altered and scarred the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. On this day, Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, bombarding the territory with heavy rain, flash floods, landslides, and winds that blew up to 155 mph. It killed an estimated 3,000 people, with many of them being homeless and/or elderly. The hurricane had left thousands without food, water, and electricity. Today, along with Puerto Rico’s struggling political climate, many people are still negatively impacted by the effects of the hurricane.

Although it has been almost two years since Hurricane Maria, one of the most devastating natural disasters ever to hit Puerto Rico, the territory is still greatly affected and desperately in need of help. This winter break, we are partnering with All Hands Volunteers in Yabacoa, ground zero for Hurricane Maria, to rebuild, repair, and reseal the roofs and homes of those affected. Additionally, volunteers will be removing mold from schools and homes as well as learning basic demolition and construction skills. During last year’s trip, volunteers were also able to talk with local homeowners about their personal experiences, learning about the struggles and challenges of being a Puerto Rican in the United States.

Furthermore, volunteers will be given the opportunity to explore both Puerto Rico’s unique culture and the lives of its wonderful inhabitants. During last year’s trip, when volunteers weren’t working at the base, they participated in numerous activities including visiting El Yunque, spending a night at a Boys and Girls Club, rebuilding a community disaster relief center, discussing political and social issues with local Puerto Rican college students, and exploring the islands fantastic beaches. At the end of the trip, volunteers will even have the opportunity to explore San Juan and learn more about the island’s unique history.

People from all cultural backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Spanish fluency is a plus but not required. If you have any more questions about AWB Puerto Rico please email

Vamos a Puerto Rico: el lugar mas maravillioso del mundo con la gente mas unica y amorosa. ¡Esperamos hablar contigo pronto!

Estimated Cost: Approximately $1000*

*The approximate cost for Puerto Rico includes only a one-way flight since this trip is in the middle of winter break. Students will book their flights home for the holidays separately. Staff will assist students in coordinating their return flights.

Past Info Sessions for Puerto Rico:
Thursday 9/5         @7:00pm-9:00pm Click to RSVP  in SKS 410 (unless trip leader states otherwise)  
Wednesday 9/11    @5:00pm Click to RSVP  in SKS 410 (unless trip leader states otherwise)  
Friday 9/13           @12:00pm Click to RSVP  in SKS 410 (unless trip leader states otherwise)