USC Housing / Residential Education

The University Housing & Hospitality Services Contract & Living Agreement is signed by every resident before taking occupancy in USC Housing. The full contract can be found here. 

Alcohol and Drug Policy

Violation of the following policy shall be a breach of this Contract, entitling the University to exercise its rights and remedies set forth in Section “J” above, and in the University’s discretion shall also be grounds for disciplinary action in accordance with University policy, which may include without limitation, suspension or expulsion from the University.

Alcohol Use by Residents Under 21 Years of Age. It is a violation of policy for persons under the age of 21 to possess, distribute,
consume, or be in the presence of alcohol.

  • Consumption of Alcohol. The consumption of alcohol by persons under the age of 21 is prohibited. Those who are suspected of either being under the influence of or in possession of alcohol (because of odor, disruptive behavior etc) are also in violation of this policy.
  • Presence of Alcohol. It is prohibited to be in the presence of alcohol or others consuming alcohol in Housing facilities. Residents who fail to remove themselves from incidents where alcohol is present or are suspected of being under the influence or in possession of alcohol are also in violation of this policy.
  • Presence of Containers. Visible alcohol containers, opened or closed, (e.g. cups, cans, bottles, cases/boxes, even if used as decorative items) is prohibited.
  • Alcohol Use by Residents Over 21 Years of Age. Carrying, storing or consuming open containers of alcoholic beverages in public (e.g., lounges, hallways, stairwells, common bathrooms, shared refrigerators or outdoor areas) is prohibited. Consuming alcohol in the presence of persons under the age of 21 is also prohibited. Residents and guests who are 21 or older may consume and store alcohol (in such amounts as are appropriate for responsible personal use) within the privacy of their own room, apartment, or suite (not in public view or in shared refrigerators). All beverage containers must be properly removed after use.
  • Alcohol-Large Quantities. Residents, regardless of age, are prohibited from using or storing alcohol that is excessive for responsible personal use. Possession or use of any empty or full keg, party ball, or other mass drinking device (e.g., beer bongs) is prohibited.
  • Alcohol-Games. Possession of alcohol paraphernalia used for games, such as beer bongs and beer pong tables, or replication of alcohol games are not permitted anywhere in the Premises or Building. Residents violating this policy are subject to immediate eviction from the Premises and Contract cancellation.
  • Alcohol Distribution. The purchase for, or distribution of, alcohol to anyone under age 21 is prohibited.
  • Illegal Drugs / Controlled Substances. The possession, use, distribution, cultivation, manufacture, or sale of illegal drugs (including medicinal marijuana), unauthorized controlled substances or drug paraphernalia (e.g., bongs, pipes, and vaporizers) is prohibited. Additionally, being in the presence of illegal drugs or unauthorized controlled substances is prohibited within, or in the vicinity of, University Housing and campus. Students suspected of using drugs (because of odor, disruptive behavior or by information brought to the staff) will have their actions documented. The use of marijuana, including medicinal, is illegal under federal law and is prohibited is prohibited within, or in the vicinity of, University Housing and campus.
  • Behavior While Under the Influence. Being under the influence of alcohol or unauthorized controlled substances or drugs is not permitted in or around University Housing Facilities. The inability to exercise care for one’s own safety or the safety of others due to alcohol or other drug consumption is considered a violation of policy. Any Resident, regardless of age, evaluated by Emergency Services due to alcohol consumption or drug use will be referred to Student Judicial and Community Standards, in addition to the University’s remaining rights and remedies as set forth in Section “J” above.