Fraternities and Sororities

Fraternity and Sorority Leadership Development (FSLD) Event Review Guidelines

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Fraternities and sororities that wish to sponsor an event must comply with University of Southern California (USC) rules, regulations, and policies as outlined in SCampus (, the Recognition Standards for Fraternities and Sororities At the University of Southern California (, and FSLD Event Review Guidelines. It is highly recommended that fraternities and sororities review the following policies in SCampus: the Student Organization (Part G), Social Events (Section 6), Group Responsibility for Student Organizations (Section 2), Alcohol (Section 6) and Hazing (Section 8). Fraternities and sororities must also comply with appropriate state and federal laws, and fire and police department rules and regulations. Please check with your council and be sure your chapter is adhering to your council’s policies.

No Social Events on Study Days or Final Exams

No social events may take place during university study days or final exams. All aspects of social events must be advertised in accordance with USC’s Advertising, Promotion and Literature Distribution policy.

Event Themes Must Be Appropriate and Reflect the Best Interests of the University Community and Greek Community

If Alcohol is Present, Security is Required

If alcohol will be present or if there are 400 or more expected guests, the chapter needs to arrange for unarmed security guards that are able to demonstrate current licenses and permits as required by applicable laws.

  • The minimum ratio required is one security member for every 50 anticipated attendees (1:50). This is the minimum; however, chapters may choose (and are recommended) to provide additional

Host Chapter is Responsible for Identifying Members of Their Safety Patrol Prior to Each Event

These individuals need to be members of the given host chapter and notified in advance.

  • The minimum ratio is one safety patrol member for every 25 anticipated attendees (1:25). This is the minimum; however, chapters may choose (and are recommended) to provide additional members for safety
  • Each member on safety patrol needs to be clearly identifiable and distinguished from other guests in attendance at the event. Chapters are asked to identify each of these individuals in advance to ensure all members of the chapter are informed of who will be responsible; and that the safety patrol is aware of their responsibilities.
  • For events with multiple chapters or organizations, each chapter is to provide members for safety

Non-Alcoholic Beverages and Food Must Be Continuously Served and in Ample Supply Any Time Alcohol is Present

Each chapter must indicate what food and non-alcoholic beverages will be made readily available. It is recommended each event provide non-salty food options and a separate water station located away from the bar.

When Alcohol is Present Women/Men Are Not Allowed Beyond the Public Areas of Any Fraternity/Sorority Facility

Women/men are not allowed beyond the public areas of any fraternity/sorority facility until 8:00AM the next morning on occasions when alcohol is being consumed at any fraternity/sorority facility activity whether or not the occasion is formally sponsored by the fraternity/sorority. In addition, no woman/man shall be permitted beyond the public areas of a fraternity/sorority facility if either the visitor or any host of that visitor shall have consumed more than two standard-sized drinks in the preceding four-hour period.

Chapters Are Discouraged from Allowing Already Intoxicated Guests to Enter Their Events

In the case of an intoxicated guest appearing at the entrance, chapters should contact the Department of Public Safety for assistance (Non-Emergency Number: (213) 740-6000).

Events Where Alcohol is Present Must Be Reviewed

As stated in SCampus 2017-18, “All student organizations must have permission to serve alcohol at their events. The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Leadership Development must approve requests to serve alcohol for all organizations within the Asian Greek Council, the Interfraternity Council, the Multi-Cultural Greek Council, the National Pan-Hellenic Council, and the Panhellenic Council. All other student organizations should contact the Office of Campus Activities for additional information.”

All Members of The USC Community Are Expected to Abide by All Federal, State and Local Laws (Including Those Governing Alcohol Consumption & Distribution) Under California law, it is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to purchase alcohol or to possess alcohol in a public space. It is also illegal for anyone to provide alcohol to an individual under the age of 21.

Guests Age Must Be Verified

Each chapter must identify procedures for identifying those under and over 21 years of age to determine who can purchase and/or receive drinks.

  • Individuals who are identified to be under 21 years of age must have a black “X” written on the back of both hands with non-water solvent

Events with Alcohol Are Limited to Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Social events where alcohol is served by the host student organization are ONLY permitted Thursday until midnight (12:00am) and Friday and Saturday until 2:00 a.m. Alcohol service must end by 1:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights.

  • Alcohol must not be the main “focus” of the
  • When alcohol is served, it is required that sufficient quantities of non-alcoholic beverages and food must be

Hard Alcohol is Not Permitted at Fraternity or Sorority Chapter Houses

If alcohol will be present at the event, the chapter must indicate:

  • Who will supply the alcohol
  • If a liquor license exists
  • Whether alcohol will be sold or distributed
  • Who will be responsible for distributing alcohol

Any Event Where Alcohol is Present Must Have a Guest List

A guest list must be prepared & submitted to FSLD at least 24 hours in advance of the event and contain the names of all guests. Within 48 hours of the completion of the event, a final guest list indicating who was in attendance at the event must be submitted to FSLD. Electronic submission is accepted.

Proof of Insurance & Liquor License is Required

Each chapter is to bring a copy of the liquor license to the event review. This liquor license needs to be obtained from the venue or California Alcoholic Beverage Control ( Staff verifies that the liquor license is current with the State of California for the venue’s location. A proof of liability insurance with a provider is also requested. Each chapter is responsible for obtaining this from a given supplier.