Amnesty to students who report prohibited conduct or seek assistance (Student Misconduct)

The university encourages students and organizations to report prohibited conduct and to seek assistance for themselves and others who experience prohibited conduct or who may be at medical risk while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

Individuals who report prohibited conduct, participate as witnesses in these investigations, seek medical assistance for themselves or another by contacting a Residential Assistant, the Department of Public Safety, or calling 911, will not be subject to disciplinary sanctions for personal consumption of alcohol and/or other substances. These students may be directed to appropriate services. Amnesty for alcohol and/or substance consumption in violation of university policy will be granted to both the reporting students and the student in need of assistance.

This policy does not grant amnesty for policy violations other than alcohol and/or substance consumption. Further, this policy does not provide amnesty for alcohol or substance violations of the Respondent.